Product management 

Design thinking in your Agile team

  • Don’t rely solely on business to drive the direction of your product

  • Use customer insight to help prioritise what to build next

  • Grow your team to be sustainable, driven and customer-centric

Where agile product management fits into UCD

They are called different things in different companies, but what we call the ‘Product Manager’, is the person responsible for the connection between three areas – customer experience, technology and business.

  • Customer experience (or UX) is responsible for making sure the product meets customer needs and desires.
  • Tech is responsible for working out how it might be feasible, and then building it.
  • Business is responsible for making the product profitable and viable.

We will help your product manager integrate these three areas by bringing customer-centricity into the development process.  Prioritising features based on customer needs rather than business requirements.

Agile teams are great at creating products efficiently. Unfortunately, their heavy reliance on business to decide what to built, often leads to products which don’t meet customer expectations. In the worst case scenario, it results in a product your customers don’t want or need.

By including your customers in product development, you encourage the product to evolve, rallying your team behind a unified vision. Ultimately creating a product that sells and delivers more.

How we help

Working with you, we’ll begin by identifying where in your Agile process the design thinking tools can be introduced. Usually, we start by usability testing the current system or prototype. This shows us the value that your process or product offers and who your customers are. Incorporating customer feedback from the outset not only saves time and money but increases the likelihood of developing a great product.

Customer insight illuminates the customer experience, removing any ambiguity as to what feature to build next. With a clear idea of the customer in mind, your developers are better able to problem solve as they know who they are building for.

Alongside customer centricity we coach product managers on how to listen to their teams, especially their developers. In traditional product management, these departments were often kept discrete. This shuts down communication, leaving developers to answer for failed deliverables. When truthfully, they weren’t given the information needed to create the solution; they weren’t given customer insight.

We are not looking to become your next product manager, but instead, we believe that your product manager needs to be an full-time member of your team. We would rather assist you while finding the right person and upskill your larger team so that when we leave, you can ensure you will have a customer-centric Agile team.

Ensure that you are not only building the right thing, but building it right.

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