Debre Barrett

I think I’ve dipped my toe into every new thing the internet has had to offer these last two decades. In 1997, I went to Denmark for the BBC, on an experimental live travel journey where people could vote on what I should do, and chat with me. (We had to dial up to connect to the internet.) I worked on a BBC social network for World War Two veterans in 2002, before the term ‘social network’ was something your mum says. I’ve run research projects in multiple languages and across borders. I’ve led teams making software, and once had an exercise bike next to my desk so that we could connect our software to it. My favourite thing is to do contextual research to understand how other people experience and use software and my favourite day doing that was for an app called Vula, when I shadowed an orthopaedic surgeon, and watched him remove a bullet from a man’s leg.

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