Jacky Smith

Jacky Smith

I can remember the exact moment I realised that Design had very little to do with how things looked, and a whole lot to do with how they work and why they exist in the first place. It was the same moment when I figured out that digital products are built for real people and not for the highest paid person at the boardroom table (aka HIPPO’s).

This little epiphany lead me to study my post-grad at Hyper Island in Sweden, quite a while before “UX Design”, “Interaction Design” and “Design Thinking” were phrases commonly used in South Africa.

Since then I’ve been working with various clients to build successful software and services, as a UX Manager and Product Manager at Flow Interactive, Deloitte Digital and most recently flexed my teaching muscles developing a Design Thinking curriculum and coaching model at Absa.

I am interested in people first, then technology, and how the relationship between the two shape our behaviors and decisions.

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