Actionable customer insight with UX research

Usability testing & In-depth customer interviews


With UX research…

  • Usability test your app, site, concept, or service

  • Get real customer feedback and insight quickly and easily with in-depth interviews

  • Prioritise next steps with quick wins and expert recommendations

  • Get ongoing customer insight with our research subscription

Our UX research areas

These can be once-off projects or part of our research subscription



Usability tests

Get real feedback from your customers on your current product or future concepts. The most popular tool in UX research and vital to design 


In-depth interviews


Customer research

Contextual and in-depth interviews about specific areas with your customers, staff or stakeholders. This may also include shadowing or diary studies.  → 


UX audit

Get an in-depth expert review of your site or app’s UX in just a few days. Highlight and prioritise points of pain with quick-win recommendations. 

Making research actionable

There is little reason to do research if you can’t actually use it.

With our comprehensive design background, we are uniquely positioned to help you understand, prioritise and implement change based on the research. We can help with the next steps, strategy, and problem-solving using:


Journey maps


Ideation workshops

Consulting & training

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We do this with an extensive understanding of design thinking, behaviour change and UX theory 

More about making UX research actionable

Over the years we have seen companies run massive research studies and receive 600 slide decks of very comprehensive findings. This may seem valuable on the surface, but it’s often too difficult to actually do anything with these reports. More often than not, they filed away and vaguely spoken about in future meetings.

We strive to make all our findings and recommendations from our UX research relevant and implementable. We do this by running more frequent, smaller studies, learning each time about what is valuable and what is not for a particular client. In addition to this, we use our design and strategy background to help kickstart ideation sessions, prioritise problem statements, or even help draw out ideal customer journey maps. We don’t just highlight the facts, we help you to convert them into solutions.

We absolutely love design thinking as a methodology, and even though we don’t offer all the tools in the toolbox, we understand all of them well. We can work with you to ensure we fit into your process and ensure that insight from the UX research enables a productive design thinking process. Read more about where we fit into design thinking

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