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We are How Might We

The How Might We team have been working together for many years, in various guises. Initially at Flow Interactive then Deloitte Digital, we’ve had the opportunity to work on many different research, UX, and service design projects. Last year we decided to come together once again and form How Might We: a Design Thinking company based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Meet the team

Chris Metcalfe team picture

Chris Metcalfe

I have never really been able to decide what I want to be when I grow up, so I have tried a few things so far: magician, event’s manager, stilt and fire performer, sound engineer, and finally designer. For me design started in industrial design at CPUT, then interaction design in Sweden and UX design at Flow Interactive. When Flow was bought by Deloitte, I was able to use Design Thinking on more strategic projects and work with larger companies to make them more successful.

From the beginning of my magic training at the age of eleven, I realised that people have different perspectives of the world and different reactions to the same experiences. From then on, I have been trying to create delightful experiences that make many different people happy in their own special way.

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Jacky Smith

I can remember the exact moment I realised that Design had very little to do with how things looked, and a whole lot to do with how they work and why they exist in the first place. It was the same moment when I figured out that digital products are built for real people and not for the highest paid person at the boardroom table (aka HIPPO’s).

This little epiphany lead me to study my post-grad at Hyper Island in Sweden, quite a while before “UX Design”, “Interaction Design” and “Design Thinking” were phrases commonly used in South Africa.

Since then I’ve been working with various clients to build successful software and services, as a UX Manager and Product Manager at Flow Interactive, Deloitte Digital and most recently flexed my teaching muscles developing a Design Thinking curriculum and coaching model at Absa.

I am interested in people first, then technology, and how the relationship between the two shape our behaviors and decisions.

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Roger Saner

Roger Saner

I’m fascinated by the overlap of people and technology. As a full stack web developer, I started out focussing only on tech and have slowly incorporated more awareness of how software assists people to do something they care about. After discovering Design Thinking by attending a course which Flow ran I joined Deloitte Digital in order to work with that team of smart designers – and I’m glad I did! My first project was working with Debre and Jacky on exercise bikes and it was so interesting that The Guardian wrote an article on it.

I’ve worked with a number of large clients which exposed me to a different class of problem: how software gets built within enterprise environments. I’ve learnt how to form, lead and improve software development teams and believe that anyone – no matter how new – has something useful to contribute.

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Debre Barrett

I think I’ve dipped my toe into every new thing the internet has had to offer these last two decades. In 1997, I went to Denmark for the BBC, on an experimental live travel journey where people could vote on what I should do, and chat with me. (We had to dial up to connect to the internet.) I worked on a BBC social network for World War Two veterans in 2002, before the term ‘social network’ was something your mum says. I’ve run research projects in multiple languages and across borders. I’ve led teams making software, and once had an exercise bike next to my desk so that we could connect our software to it. My favourite thing is to do contextual research to understand how other people experience and use software and my favourite day doing that was for an app called Vula, when I shadowed an orthopaedic surgeon, and watched him remove a bullet from a man’s leg.

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HMW team - Amanda Joseph

Amanda Joseph

I’ve tried my hand at a few things in the tech industry over the last twenty years. I started working as a web designer and front-end dev in the late nineties, built and maintained Linux servers for small businesses in the 2000s, and more recently worked as a project manager and scrum master in the UX space at Deloitte Digital. 

I’ve worked at startups, small companies and corporates, and have honed my organizational skills while working on a variety of research and software development projects. I enjoy working in a Lean and Agile way and at How Might We, I help the team to coordinate projects.

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