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Senior UX Researcher  

Job vacancy

“UX without user research is not UX”

 – Nielsen Norman Group

Job Description

We are growing and we’re looking for a senior user experience researcher who is passionate about making customers’ lives easier through first-hand research and easy-to-understand solutions. We want someone who is inquisitive, who wants to truly understand the user’s points of pain, explain to clients why customers are struggling, as well as come up with ingenious, yet simple solutions.

We’re a young company but made up of awesome people who have been doing this stuff for a while. Jacky and Chris have been doing UX design and UX research for over 15 years each, and as a team, How Might We currently do over 320 usability tests a year. We focus on UX research but also have a strong understanding of design thinking, behavioural economics and service design theory.

We need a dedicated mid or senior person to plan and run research sessions, analyse the findings, and present them with suggested solutions. This includes usability testing, in-depth interviews, on-site research, and diary studies.

This is a research role as you will mainly be facilitating usability testing and in-depth interviews, but a good understanding of UX and UI principles are important as part of the findings report you will need to offer expert opinion and best practice. 

We pride ourselves in making customer research actionable, so we also offer workshops, training, and advice. Some of the additional deliverables we may include are prototypes, personas, and customer journey maps.


  • Usability testing & Research experience – someone who is good with people and can interview customers and clients. At least 3 years of experience in usability testing, in-depth customer interviews as well as analysis.
  • A good understanding of heuristic evaluation techniques. 
  • Some experience with user-centred design methodologies – Personas, Journey maps, Jobs to be done…
  • Good interface knowledge. You don’t need to be a UI designer, but mockups of interface solutions might be needed in the reports.
  • Problem solver – someone who can tackle hard problems and be willing to try different solutions.

Ideally, we are looking for someone in Cape Town, but we have gotten used to this whole remote working thing, so don’t let your location stop you from applying.  


We try our best to create an enjoyable place to work that is not only stimulating and fun but also respectful of people’s lives. We believe in a good work-life balance and offer 22 leave days a year, but if you need extra time or just need a day to go to the bank, we are always willing to have a conversation and do our best to accommodate those moments when life happens. (We also have equal maternity and paternity leave).

Our core values

Fun, Quality, Integrity, and Empathy.

Our purpose

To make people’s lives better by helping organisations be more human-centric through UX research.

We know this is a lot and seems rather idealistic, but it’s something that we believe rather strongly.

Culture code

We follow the Make It Easy Culture Code because we believe that if we can make it easy for clients to work with us, we are able to deliver more successful projects. We can spend a long time talking about our culture code (and we will if you join us) but in summary, it consists of the following behavioural standards:

  • I connect
  • I plan
  • I keep people informed
  • I deliver
  • I learn


Based on your experience the starting salary is between R40 000 and R50 000 per month. We are also open to discussions about this, so if you have a different salary expectation please let us know. 

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