UX research can help increase revenue and lower expenses. It’s usually quite hard to work out the exact RIO of research, but when you have experienced products not meeting customer expectations or software projects fail to launch, it’s a very easy investment.

Improves conversion rates

Getting humans to take action is one of the most important aspects of UX research. If you want customers to convert, you need to understand every level of the behaviour change funnel. It’s not possible to do this in a boardroom; not all people are the same, and as they say, “you are not your users.” If the people in the boardroom are your users, then less research is needed.

Increases customer retention

Using best practices can only take your customer experience so far. If you want to differentiate your offering, you need to offer an experience that does not just follow what everyone else is doing.

UX research will help you understand what behaviour change techniques will work and what value needs to be created to get customers to keep coming back.

Reduce development costs

Don’t waste time building the wrong thing or building it in a way that customers can’t use, so more time is needed to fix the UX issues after launch. 

Lowers customer support expenses

One way to lower support calls is to hide the contact number from the website, but that will also mean customers will not hang around. A far more effective way to reduce service calls, it allows customers to answer questions and complete tasks on thier own.

Effective UX research reveals the finer points of how users interact with products, helping to create solutions that genuinely resonate with the target audience, leading to a harmonious user experience.